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Welcome!  I am proud to call Yorba Linda my home and honored to serve our community for the past four years as a City Council Member and Mayor.  My wife, Rhonda, and I have called Yorba Linda our home for nearly two decades as we raise our children in this “land of gracious living.”  


As your Mayor, I’m committed to listening to residents and making city government accountable to you.  I want to continue our successes of the past four years in maintaining Yorba Linda as one of California’s safest communities.


Four years ago, you elected me to enhance and preserve the quality of life that makes Yorba Linda such a great community.  I have worked hard to deliver results for residents, including:


  • Opening our exceptional new City Library and Cultural Arts Center.

  • Providing new shopping and dining amenities at the Town Center, Main Street and Packing House.

  • Securing innovative high-tech firefighting resources to better protect our homes from wildfires.

  • Supporting the highest level of police protection for our neighborhoods and schools.


This has all been accomplished while helping the city to remain fiscally responsible and financially stable in the most uncertain of times.  I invite you to come learn more about me and why I am seeking reelection this November.


– Carlos Rodriguez

-- Carlos Rodriguez

On the Issues

Our Servuces

Yorba Linda is one of California’s safest cities.  As your Mayor, I am dedicated to keeping our neighborhoods, parks and schools safe by maintaining the highest level of police and fire protection for our families.


That means continuing to provide the resources needed for our local law enforcement.  In addition, I’m working closely with our Orange County Sheriff’s Department and our District Attorney to combat the organized thieves who are targeting local businesses.


As a father of two young children, I’m a strong advocate for safe schools.  Our city is working with local schools to ensure a safe and secure learning environment for our children.


I’m also committed to doing everything possible to protect residents and property from fire dangers. That’s why I worked closely with our local Water District to improve access to innovative fire-fighting technology such as the new airborne “Heli-Hydrant” that will provide greater protection for our homes from wildfires.


Much of what makes a city like Yorba Linda a great place to live is easy access to parks, ball fields, playgrounds, libraries, and other recreational and cultural amenities.


We recently opened the beautiful Yorba Linda Library and Cultural Arts Center.


We also expanded the city’s equestrian facility and will soon complete the renovation of Adventure Playground, which will include new or improved zip line, whiffle ball field, waterslide, water features, a maze area and a treehouse play structure, among other features.

Housing & Homelessness

As a nearly 20-year Yorba Linda resident, I want to preserve our community’s great quality of life.


We must ensure that future housing development in Yorba Linda reflects our local values and is not dictated to us by politicians in Sacramento. 

That’s why I voted against the flawed high-density housing plan.


Preserving our open space is also a priority.  That’s why I worked to protect our equestrian trails, walking trails and unique spaces like our local Strawberry Field.


Homelessness has become a growing problem throughout Orange County.  As your Mayor, I oppose homeless “camping” in our city.  I will continue urging the County to provide more resources to get drug-addicted and mentally ill homeless off the streets and into effective treatment programs.

Financial Stability & Taxpayer Stewardship
Supporting Our Youth

Maintaining Yorba Linda’s family-friendly lifestyle is another of my major priorities.


Our city is blessed with quality schools.  As your Mayor, and a father of two, I am working with local school officials to provide resources that will enhance the safety and quality of our children’s education.  Last year, I voted to secure $3 million in funding for the Placentia-Yorba Linda School District to replace their older school buses with zero-emission and near-zero emission school buses.  Not only will these new buses provide safer transportation, they will also benefit the health of our students who ride them to and from school each day.


In addition, I serve on the Yorba Linda Chamber Foundation and help to raise funds for college scholarships that benefit deserving local high school seniors.


I have also worked successfully to provide more recreational amenities for our children.  I’m especially excited about the new Adventure Playground that is now under construction and will soon be open for Yorba Linda families.


Finally, I’m passionate about supporting Yorba Linda youth sports.  As a volunteer coach for several local youth sports teams, I focus on helping our children learn the value of sportsmanship and teamwork while honing their physical skills on the playing field.

Financial Stability & Taxpayer Stewardship

I’m proud of my role in helping the city remain fiscally responsible and financially stable. While I won’t hesitate to make the investments necessary to protect and improve the lives of city residents, I also consider it essential to serve as a faithful steward of taxpayer resources.  That requires carefully scrutinizing spending, working to broaden our tax base by attracting more retail and commercial enterprises, and taking steps to protect property values overall.

Our new shopping and dining amenities at the Town Center, Main Street and Packing House will provide long term financial benefits that will enable Yorba Linda to continue providing the quality services and parks that our residents deserve.


During my previous term, COVID-19 struck and many local businesses were forced to shut down completely. We quickly coordinated with the county and federal government to provide over $2 million in local grants to more than 200 local companies. Yet despite such disruptions and unanticipated challenges, we continued to meet our financial obligations (including contributions to employee pension funds) and proceeded with important long-term investments — all while maintaining a balanced budget and increasing our “rainy day” reserve fund!


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Young Kim

Representative (ret)

Ed Royce

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Gary Miller


Your generous contribution are greatly appreciated and will help Carlos get elected to City Council.  Funds are used to get Carlos' message out to voters about continuing our City's bright future.  

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