Welcome!  I am proud to call Yorba Linda my home for over 10-years.  My wife, Rhonda, and I choose Yorba Linda to raise our family.  We truly believe this is the "land of gracious living."  I have been honored to serve as a Parks and Recreations Commissioner, providing new parks and activities for our residents.  As a member of the Mayor's Water Taskforce, I have sought to inform residents about the City's ongoing water conservation efforts.  I invite you to come learn more about me and why I am running for City Council.  

-- Carlos Rodriguez

On the Issues

Government Accountability

Government should do more with less and Carlos believes in reducing taxes and fees whenever possible. We should always strive to pass a balanced budget while increasing our budget reserves to make sure we maintain high quality city services.

Traffic Congestion

Carlos will work to improve traffic congestion within our City.  Especially in the tight areas such as Savi Ranch.  

Business Friendly

Too often government creates more problems than solutions. Carlos will seek to cut red tape, bureaucracy and delays to make sure that City Hall provides quality service in a timely fashion.  He will also work to create quality jobs in our City. 

Family Friendly

Carlos believes we should provide the best park and recreation services to help families make memories that last a lifetime. We must continue to honor our seniors by providing activities and services that enhance their quality of life.


Carlos will protect the unique character of our city and will only support responsible managed growth that is in our best interest. We must also provide high quality landscaping throughout our City and make sure we only hire vendors who provide the best bang for our buck.


Our brave police and fire fighters risk their lives to keep us safe. Carlos will make sure our first responders have the resources necessary to keep our city's crime rate low and maintain excellent response times during an emergency.



Ed Royce


Paul Cook

Congressman (ret)

Gary Miller


Your generous contribution are greatly appreciated and will help Carlos get elected to City Council.  Funds are used to get Carlos' message out to voters about continuing our City's bright future.