Welcome!  I am proud to call Yorba Linda my home and honored to have served its citizens for the past four years as a council member.  My wife, Rhonda, and I have called Yorba Linda our home for well over a decade as we raise our children in this “land of gracious living.”  As your council member I want to continue the successes of these past years maintaining Yorba Linda as one of California’s safest cities, encourage the economic strengthens of our City, and enhance the parks, opportunities, and cultural amenities for all of our residents.  This has been accomplished while helping the city to remain fiscally responsible and financially stable in the most uncertain of times.  I invite you to come learn more about me and why I am seeking reelection this November.

-- Carlos Rodriguez

On the Issues


Encouraging economic dynamism strengthens the city in myriad ways. Developments such as Town Center create jobs, generate tax revenue, and provide residents and visitors new shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities, among other benefits. We’re seeing renewed interest in a variety of opportunities in the downtown Main Street area with expected new restaurants and other businesses opening there soon. The city contributes to such efforts with infrastructure improvements ranging from enhanced lighting and street furniture to repaved roads and new pedestrian links. 


Much of what makes a city like Yorba Linda a great place to live is easy access to parks, ball fields, playgrounds, libraries, and other recreational and cultural amenities. We recently opened the beautiful Yorba Linda Library and Cultural Arts Center. We also expanded the city’s equestrian facility and will soon complete the renovation of Adventure Playground, which will include new or improved zip line, whiffle ball field, waterslide, water features, a maze area and a treehouse play structure, among other features.


Yorba Linda has been independently ranked as one of the safest cities in both California and the United State…and I intend to keep it that way. That means continuing to support — and fund — local law enforcement and maintaining our cooperative relationship with the Orange County Sherriff’s Department. I’ll also continue arguing against lenient state policies that have put dangerous criminals back on the street. 

I’ll maintain our solid partnership with the Orange County Fire Authority to ensure we do everything possible to protect residents and property from fire dangers. The Blue Ridge Fire of 2020 was a painful reminder that we live in a dry environment and need to remain vigilant.


I’m proud of my role in helping the city remain fiscally responsible and financially stable. While I won’t hesitate to make the investments necessary to protect and improve the lives of city residents, I also consider it essential to serve as a faithful steward of taxpayer resources.  That requires carefully scrutinizing spending, working to broaden our tax base by attracting more retail and commercial enterprises, and taking steps to protect property values overall.


During my previous term, COVID-19 struck and many local businesses were forced to shut down completely. We quickly coordinated with the county and federal government to provide over $2 million in local grants to more than 200 local companies. Yet despite such disruptions and unanticipated challenges, we continued to meet our financial obligations (including contributions to employee pension funds) and proceeded with important long-term investments — all while maintaining a balanced budget and increasing our “rainy day” reserve fund!


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