About Carlos

Husband and father are the two most important titles in my life.  I have been a proud Yorba Linda resident for over 10-years and I am thrilled to raise my daughter and son in this great City.  As a Chief Executive Officer, I know how to balance budgets, manage people, and provide direction to a large organization.  My Christian values drive my ethics.  My conservative principles guide my politics and positions.  

In our Community, I serve as a Commissioner on Parks and Recreation and serve as the liaison to the Sports Advisory Committee that assists with the various organized sports groups in Yorba Linda.  Since being on the Commission, we have opened 3 new parks and advised the Council on the ongoing capital improvements for parks in future years.  I was honored to have been part of opening and helping to name the City's first dog park -- "Checkers" in 2017.  I also serve as the Mayor's representative on the Water Task Force advising residents on the ongoing conversation efforts by Yorba Linda.  As a Member of the Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce, I serve on the Education Committee which each year award scholarships to great students in our community.


I am also proud to be a member of the Yorba Linda Chapter of the California Republican Assembly and serve on its endorsement committee.  



In the News

OC Register political reporter Jim Drummond highlights the 2018 City Council race.  08.17.2018